by Rebecca Krzmarzick

This past Saturday, Sacred Threads hosted the first part of our Speaker Series: “Living with Integrity: Balancing the Private and Public Dimensions of Our Lives.” As an intern this year with Sacred Threads, I had the joy of attending, and I’m so glad I did!
The event featured three incredible speakers:
·         Sr. Janet Eisner, SND, the Nation’s Longest Serving Woman College President
·         Lisa Hughes, Emmy Award Winning Journalist and News Anchor
·         Marian Ryan, the District Attorney of Middlesex County (and only female DA in Massachusetts)
These three women spoke eloquently about the joys and challenges of balancing the private and public dimensions of life. They spoke about the importance of being your beautiful and authentic self, and the spirituality that enables that.
Here are my three favorite quotes from the day:
“I became far less afraid to show a little vulnerability. And let’s face it- that is what connects us to people. When someone reveals that part of herself to you, that’s what makes you feel connected. Although it feels a little risky, and it comes back to that slight fear of judgment. I feel like that’s part of  what it means to be authentic and to honor that sense of spirituality that calls you to just be yourself and know that that is enough.”
-Lisa Hughes
“Having that real sense of yourself is what makes the difference. It’s having that ability, which I think we’ve all lost to some extent… It’s important to know who you are and not be uncertain about expressing who that is.”
-Marian Ryan

“God’s goodness and love embrace us, and it happens to all of us. So right now, this is my mantra: ‘Let me know how much you love me and how little I have to do to maintain that love.’  So it’s not all about me, it’s about receiving from a very generous God”
-Janet Eisner, SND

Some incredible wisdom from three amazing women! I want to thank them for their beautiful and inspiring examples of authenticity and courage.

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