The moment that stands out occurred early in the history of our women’s circle and early in the life of Sacred Threads.

andrea_hang_glideI came to our women’s circle that day feeling terrified and alone.  I had just received word that my “adult son” was in a Georgia Hospital.  He was comatose, close to death. He had previously become addicted to pain medication after a serious accident but now his life was threatened by sepsis.  I was paralyzed.

My faith continued strong but my hope and trust were in the tank. I needed to fly to Georgia but my energy and confidence were depleted.  Wasn’t planning to spill the beans.  Didn’t want the focus to be on me.  Wanted to be supportive to others.  Blah,Blah,Blah–It all came tumbling out!

In this holy tender circle I was held in loving arms, open hearts with the gifts of the Holy Spirit present in this upper room. Such wisdom!

I came alive.  My trembling stopped.  I now had the courage and confidence to go to Georgia to advocate for my son, to finally bring him home to continue his recovery.

He is now mostly well, back to Georgia. Goes hang gliding for fun.

Thank you Sacred Threads. Thank you Circle of Wise Women

~ A.deM.


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