Sacred Threads participant and Author Catherine Brunell has published her first book this fall.   Becoming Catholic, Again – Connecting the Faith We Were Taught with the Faith We Live  (Chicago: Loyola Press, 2012).  In her passionate voice, Brunell writes about the permission she found to be on the spiritual journey that her life is revealing.  In the memoir she attends to the details of her own path but, in doing so Brunell offers all of us a gentle way of living in and through our faith.  Here are two excerpts from the book :

When I hear people ask the question “Are you Catholic” they often respond, “I’m sort of Catholic,” or “Not a practicing one.”  People have disengage from the institution, and yet on some level, we have a nagging connection to it.  We judge ourselves based on others’ rubrics of how our faith should look, and in doing so we remove ourselves from the only experience that we can actually have.  The judgement is a waste of time, because God doesn’t care what kind of Catholics (or any religion for that matter we are); God wants us to be connected to one another and to God.  If we find these connections, we’re simply being Catholic in the way that we need to be.  pg. 10


I really have no idea about everything the divine entails and what exactly religion should be. I also don’t know what will happen as I come to the end of my life or what the church will look like in a hundred years. But I do know how to respond to the grace that moves in my life today. I try to keep my faith this simple, because ultimately this is what puts me in relationship with an incarnate God. When I say yes to what is before me in life, I know that I am saying yes to the sacred that is there, too. God is in the concrete, and concrete life is in God p. 85.

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