As Americans, perhaps we forget the privilege of freedom on a daily basis.  We have the ability to practice whatever faith tradition we like, where so many people across the globe do not.  As many of our Jewish and Christian friends prepare to celebrate the religious holidays of Passover and Easter respectively, we should take a moment to recognize and honor the message of freedom in each of these honored traditions!

Our Jewish sisters and brothers begin Passover at sunset of 3/25 which commemorates the story of the Exodus, where ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.  Our Christian sisters and brothers honor the beginning of Holy Week with Palm Sunday on 3/24, which marks Jesus’ triumphal entrance to Jerusalem and begins the journey to his eventual death on a cross.  Easter Sunday (3/31) is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, which offers believers freedom from death by this promise of new life after death for all.

Let us ALL pause to let freedom ring.


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