God ran away when we imprisoned her and put her in a box named Church.  God would have none of our labels and our limitations and she said:

“I will escape and paint myself in a simpler, poorer soil where those who see, will see, and those who hear, will hear.  I will become a God- believable, because I am free, and go where I will.  My goodness will be found in my freedom and that freedom I offer to all- regardless of color, sex or status, regardless of power or money.  Ah, I am God because I am free, and all those who would be free will find me, roaming, wandering, singing.  Come, walk with me- come, dance with me! I created you to sing- to dance- to love…”

If you cannot sing, nor dance, nor love, because they put you also in a box, know that your God broke free and ran away.

So, send your Spirit then, to dance with Her. 
Dance, sing with the God whom they cannot tame or chain.
Dance within, though they chain your very guts to the great stone walls…
Dance, beloved, Ah, Dance!

~Edwina Gateley

Sacred Threads will be welcoming Edwina
May 3rd- so mark your calendars!


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