ho_beachMy involvement with Sacred Threads began with an informal meeting of 10 or so women in a small town setting. The group was gently guided by Rosemary Mulvihill. I personally have always thought of myself as a spiritual person more than a “religious” person. Many times during my life, I have wondered just exactly how God knew that I, H.O., really existed. At this meeting we were asked to introduce ourselves and reflect on a time in our lives when we felt God was near or around us. The doubt began to surface. I even remember feeling a little panic. Without much time to prepare what I was going to say, I could only think of a time when two beautiful acts of nature were “performed” right in front of my eyes. Both incidents occurred when I was alone and early in the morning. The beauty brought tears to my eyes and it was one of the very first times in my life that I thought there could be no other explanation than the power of a Greater source. God, or a power like God, could only provide such beauty.

I have continued on with a group of women who are still gently guided by Rosemary and have come to confirm over and over again that God does know that I exist. I have chosen a relationship with God that is fully acceptable to God because it continues to deepen each year. I see God in places that I never thought to look before. He is always around if you take the time to look and believe. Without the gentle guidance from Rosemary and the support of the other women, I may still doubt if God really knows me, but luckily, I know better! He’s there.

~ H.O.


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