Bios_SC_Kathleen_HIt all began with a simple prayer sent over the internet. A whispered invitation for peace, left unanswered for several months. And then the unthinkable happened. My husband was killed instantly in a horrendous accident while we vacationed in Greece. The days that followed were as if we were drowning, with no survival instinct to get to the surface.

Then I remembered that whispered invitation, so simple and genuine with no stipulations. Rosemary listened. She comforted and encouraged me, and she included me in her sacred community.  It has been five years since that awful day. People ask me if it gets better with time? If I answer honestly, I would say it doesn’t get better, it is different. I am different, but I am not defined by what has happened. Rosemary and Sacred Threads have inspired me to find peace.

~ Kathleen Henderson


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