How we communicate with Dignity should be an important aspect of our existence. Sacred Threads has succeeded in presenting many effective speakers, one of whom was Donna Hicks, Ph.D. Dr. Hicks’ book, Dignity, writes and speaks of the “Ten Essential Elements of Dignity”. Her words resonated with me as I reflected on a negative incident that impacted a relative.

This incident involved an adult and young teenager. When a person in authority humiliates a young person, the results can be damaging. The display of superiority was insensitive as this young person was dealing with a disorder beyond his control. Referring to the elements of Dignity, I thought there was no display of fairness, understanding, or acceptance. The adult never took time to understand what this young teenager was experiencing; he violated his Dignity. Fortunately, he had a large support group and worked through his physical issue. He remains a loving and positive teenager.

This presentation was thought-provoking. I felt compelled to give a copy of the book to the aforementioned adult. However, there was no expression of apology-only excuses. My prayer is he will understand how Dignity needs to play that role in his life.

Sincerest thanks to Sacred Threads and Dr. Hicks for this sacred moment.

~ Maggie Ferrara


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