Bios_SC_Marie_LThe Urgent Phone Call:

Recently, I heard a phrase that reminded me of the many stories that make up the fabric of Sacred Threads: “Urgent is the heart that calls”! One story, in particular, captures the “urgency” to share a broken heart. Let me say at the outset that the threads of this woman’s story transformed the depths of my being.

The depth of anguish, the mournful echoes of grief and copious weeping over the death of her son was heart wrenching. Ordinarily, empathy comes naturally to me. This was different. The depth of her love, her vulnerability and brokenness penetrated my soul at a place I had not been before.  Over time, her resiliency and inner strength, her boundless compassion and caring presence for her son’s family, revealed a new beauty of her soul. Continually, I am inspired by the transformative power of sacred stories shared in sacred space.

~ Marie LaBollita


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