Meet the Founders

Marie LaBollita (Retired) -

Marie LaBollita (Retired)

Co-founder, Marie LaBollita grew up in Boston. As an educator, spiritual director and pastoral counselor Marie’s passion is helping women to articulate their spirituality and to integrate their insights into everyday life. Marie believes a new lease on life happens when women have courage to share their personal stories and discover the sacredness of their lives. Considered to be her greatest blessings in life are those who have trusted her with their stories.

Rosemary Mulvihill -

Rosemary Mulvihill

A co-founder of Sacred Threads, Rosemary Mulvihill is originally from Australia. Bringing a background in education, pastoral care and counseling, Rosemary has worked in Campus Ministry since coming to Boston. With a great interest in Women’s Spirituality and a special concern for those who are searching, struggling or feeling on the fringes of their faith communities, Rosemary welcomes opportunities to help provide connections and create opportunities which might nurture women’s souls.

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