The End of My Marriages
My long loveless marriage ended this month.
January weather fits its civil dissolution
White, cold, unquestionably dormant
No sweetness.
Did you know that in 1995 Mother Theresa
Appeared in a cinnamon roll
To a coffee shop customer in Nashville?
This did not astonish me.
I already knew the power of pastry.
My affair with sugary pleasures
Was my marriage’s twin.
If that saintly nun could be embodied in a roll
Surely I could find affection in a confectionary.
Confusing  warm saccharine stickiness with loving sex

This affair is much harder to end than my marriage
Rather than a court of law
I need a court of caring.
Where I will judge myself
Worthy of the restraint needed
To know the difference between real love

And an apparition in a bun

(*special thanks to Meg Turner for sharing her poetry and creative wisdom. To submit an entry, please email to


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