Bios_SC_Rosemary_MWhenever I sit with a struggling spouse, an overwhelmed mother, a grieving daughter, a transgender person, a young student or whoever might walk through the door, I so often find my heart seared by their pain. Many of their stories are so difficult to share and to hear, yet people come, hoping for healing or at least for the opportunity to connect with another and be heard. When they leave, the box of tissues is depleted, coffee cups are empty but my heart is broken open and I am filled; filled with a sense of the sacred, a sense of connection, admiration and inspiration.

I have come to realize, that their sacred stories are the threads that inspire me, that nourish my soul and that connect me more closely with God and with myself. Together we embody the mission of Sacred Threads, to inspire, connect and nourish – a two-way street!

~ Rosemary Mulvihill


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