SusanBIt’s not a single presentation but rather two aspects of the experience of Sacred Threads offerings that stand out for me. First, each one of Sacred Threads’ programs have been interesting, often mind- and heart-expanding, and always of quality caliber. Second, Sacred Thread’s programs are presented in and cultivate a very comfortable climate of community at the event itself. That climate invites thoughtful consideration of ideas and stimulates enriching, clarifying, and sometimes challenging conversation. In our current polarized climate, I appreciate respectful community all the more when I find it. There is fresh air freedom in mutually respectful exploration of ideas and experiences concerning faith, and that’s a given at Sacred Threads events.

Several years ago I joined a circle of 10-12 women who decided meet monthly to share thoughts and experiences around themes of interest concerning adult spirituality. Over time a small and intimate form of community has developed among us, a satellite of the bigger, more permeable group that gathers to explore our sacred threads at Sacred Threads’ programs.  Whether in that circle, attending a talk about dignity and reconciliation, a workshop on perennial seekers, or an art-focused presentation about holy and prophetic women, at every Sacred threads event I have been graciously welcomed into the space and the conversation and often leave with a thoughtful takeaway.


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