Like many people, I take solace from the ocean during difficult times in life.

Perhaps because of that, I’ve always loved the scripture line,

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm, and secure.”

I’ve thought of it frequently during the present time of Covid-19 and social distancing.

As a first-time mom, I have retreated with my 8-month-old son to be near the ocean in Maine with family these past 2 months. Hope as an anchor is a beautiful image. A firm, heavy and solid presence – it keeps our soul safe and in place. Even more powerful is the idea that an anchor keeps a ship grounded in calm waters and rough seas. It is a scary time in our world.  We are all facing loss – loss of time, loss of community, loss of human touch, loss of life. Many of us are experiencing loneliness unlike anything before and may be struggling to find meaning or just simply a way to get through the day.  Regardless of our own situations, of the loss we face and the uncertainly ahead of us – there is always hope.

There is always hope.

Hope that things will get better, that we will hug another person again, that our economy will improve, that we will return to a job, to school, to a home.

Hope that babies will play on the beach in the summer and hug loved ones again.

Hope is indeed an anchor of the soul. It is firm and secure…It remains a constant in calm waters and rough seas.

Of course, the anchor does not need to tether us forever. There are times that the anchor will be pulled up so that we may take it with us on future journeys as we go forward in life.

We hope that Sacred Threads may be an anchor for you during these times.

Our mission – to nourish, to connect, and to inspire women – remains steadfast and firm. We are here for you to foster hope in the future and to be an anchor to connection, to nourishment and to inspiration.


~ Claudia Pouravelis, Board Member


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