I can’t recall a time when I walked into a room triumphantly.  Especially given all the criticism that would likely follow. Can’t you hear it….

…Who does she think she is?
…What’s so special about her?

I often wonder about the reception of Jesus as he approached Jerusalem on his journey from Galilee.  Many received him so well- shouts of joy and praise- but what about those who MUST have been asking themselves the same questions above.

Isn’t that what being a believer is all about, though?  Holding oneself in high esteem because there is a deep inner knowing of value…LOVE…and purpose.  Jesus knew this, more profoundly than we can ever imagine.  So, I would hope we could take a page from this Palm Sunday.  Enter that room triumphantly (well, perhaps without all the pomp and circumstance) but with a deep inner knowing that we are good and created in and by Love.  And whatever lies ahead, we can handle it.


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