“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, Including you.”

Ann Lamott – from Almost Everything

In these unusual and unprecedented times of change, fear, anxiety and chaos, we are all challenged. We recognize how interdependent and interconnected we are. What can we at Sacred Threads do to help? How can we support one another?

A few suggestions:

Then, there is the advice of Parker Palmer, “In times of deep darkness, we not only need light – we need to be light for one another.”  Feel welcome to call or email if we can share any light with you –sometimes making a connection helps, although we have no answers!

Perhaps these days provide us with an opportunity to pause, to unplug, to pay attention, to be aware of others and to connect with the Divine, who is in each of us and all things.

Let’s endeavor to move through this together. We are all sacred threads, woven together, no matter how strong or threadbare each one might feel.


For all at Sacred Threads


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