Gretchen van Dyck-Daggett, M.A.
What does “love” demand, I ask?
To give, and give, and give some more?
To forgive, and forgive, and forgive some more?
Who urges me to be more “compassionate”?
Is this demanding love from within me,
Or is it from some higher power beyond me?



Is it one more huge, heavy commitment 

Of my time and effort, 

Of my whole body, heart and soul?



Is it one more burden to weigh me down, 

Put on my ‘to do’ list, 

Slog through it, get it over with?



Or, could it be something kinder, 

Something softer, gentler 

Something I can gain from, just not give to?

 Are we talking about my love for you,
Or love of my work, for the earth,
Or love for my peers, for all beings?


What if, just what if…the lens shifts.
Instead of a burden, could this possibility
Be a glorious grace-filled gift?
Perhaps…just perhaps
There is a higher LOVE
That is perfect and complete unto itself.
A LOVE so powerful and pure and beautiful
That I can tap into it and allow it
To flow into me and through me.
What if I will continue to receive
More and more of this generous LOVE
The more I offer it from my heart?
Then I am filled with a joy so great
That I am happy to spread love
To all and everyone and everything.
I will lose nothing
I will gain everything
I will never be empty
There will always be enough.
And I will glow with
The undying flame
In my soul



Gretchen van Dyck-Daggett is a Sacred Threads participant and the Co-founder of ILLUMINATION.


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