Sr. Julia Heslin and Sr. Edna Clark (Sisters of Charity, Halifax) have been supporting a school in the barrio of San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic since 2007. They got involved because the founder, Debora Damiani, a native of the Dom. Rep. worked with Sr. Julia in Catholic Charities Head Start in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Julia and Edna started by getting funding for shoes for the children so they could attend school. Then came the need for a computer classroom as soon as the school grew beyond elementary to high school. The building needed to expand with the growing enrollment so funding for third floor and new roof was the next project.
Working with the board and visiting the school has enriched them and allowed them to offer their expertise in educational administration, and experience God’s spirit at work one student at a time. Go to to learn more and donate if you wish to continue the good work being done there

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