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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Importance of AND

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sacred Threads
A Celebration of 10 Wonderful Years!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Time Is Now
A Call to Uncommon Courage

A Conversation with Joan Chittister
September 21, 2019

Leading with Dignity

A Conversation with Donna Hicks
May 15, 2019

Service of Remembrance

Prayerfully remembering our loved ones who have died.
November 3, 2018

The Sacred Life of Moms

How the Messy & Miraculous Become Our Holy Ground
A morning of Connection, Inspiration, and Love with Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP
April 28, 2018

Sacred Threads in partnership with Athleta presented:
Master Yoga Class with Tao Porchon-Lynch “The External Energy of Yoga”


Sacred Threads Annual Meeting

Was Live on Facebook – Watch Video

The Role of the Public Intellectual with Sister Joan Chittister

Photos and Quotes

A wonderful, thought provoking, inspiring event - words, dance, music, and of course people
I loved Joan's talk and everything about the morning.
Thank you for this remarkable experience.
What an incredible woman - so prophetic!
Thank you, I have been inspired ever since!
The best Saturday morning I have had in ages!
When I had a moment to reflect deeply upon this event, I was moved to tears at how blessed I am, to join in all these events and endeavors you so graciously invite me to share in.

NEW FROM MARGARET SILF: An e-Course on Ignatian spirituality in every day life.

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Understanding the Thread

VideoWe want to inspire, challenge and provide hope for women through spirituality and faith.

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Tracking Current Threads

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New from Margaret Silf

Hidden Wings: Emerging from Troubled Times with New Hope and Deeper Wisdom

Bestselling author and friend of Sacred Threads, Margaret Silf once again offers her readers a meditative journey on the theme of change and transformation and its relationship to chaos and apparent breakdown.

At a time of climate change, failing economic systems, brutal conflicts leading to mass  Migrations, and alarming political developments, Margaret’s hope is that Hidden Wings will offer a reason to trust the way ahead and to make choices that prepare us for a new stage of human life on this planet that at present we cannot even imagine.

Click on the link below to purchase the book on Amazon.

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New from Margaret Wheatley

Who Do We Choose To Be?

Internationally acclaimed author and speaker!

In this time of profound disruption, Margaret calls on leaders to reclaim leadership as a noble profession that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing fear and turmoil.

The book illuminates–through commentary, stories, practices, quotes and visual images–how leaders can use their power and influence, their insight and compassion, to create Islands of Sanity.

You can learn more and read the opening section of Who Do We Choose To Be? on Margaret’s website:

Videos of the 2013-2015 Speakers’ Series

Glennon Doyle Melton:

Donna Hicks:

Liz Walker:

Special Presentation by
Sister Joan Chittister:

Simone Campbell introduced
by James Roosevelt:


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"Sacred Threads is my idea of what it means to give voice to women. They offer genuine adult spirituality, the best Vatican II Theology and, most of all, the release of the insights of women who know what it means to be a real woman today. Together, they and I are committed to bringing the church to realize that without these women there is really no church at all."

Joan Chittister

"The mother's group at Sacred Threads is my monthly sanctuary where I get to nourish myself physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. My body takes a break from running after a toddler or holding my infant or doing both at the same time! My mind rests from the constant multi-tasking of raising kids, working, home upkeep, etc. I connect with wonderful women who are friends and companions on this ever-changing, joyful, and demanding journey called motherhood."

“It was a joy to participate in Sacred Threads Lecture Series at Regis College on October 3, 2013. As a speaker, I never know how an audience will react to my message about dignity. The audience that Sacred Threads attracted was one of the most welcoming, attentive, and open-minded groups of people I have ever encountered. It gave me hope and renewed inspiration that there are many of us out there who care deeply about creating a world where we can all live together with our dignity intact. Bravo to Sacred Threads for giving us an opportunity to discuss matters of such importance to us all.”

Donna Hicks, Author

"The mother's group at Sacred Threads is my monthly sanctuary where I get to nourish myself physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. My body takes a break from running after a toddler or holding my infant or doing both at the same time! My mind rests from the constant multi-tasking of raising kids, working, home upkeep, etc. I connect with wonderful women who are friends and companions on this ever-changing, joyful, and demanding journey called motherhood. And yes, we talk about God, we take time for some reflection and prayer. But more than anything, simply being part of this circle of support and putting aside the time to come together--for ourselves as individuals and for each other as a whole--that, in itself, is prayer, the reminder that our loving God is amidst us and beside us in our daily lives."

Bernardine Ileto

“Imagine a space, and a circle of friends, that would encourage you to become more fully the person you truly are, and to weave that unique strand of personhood into the unfolding tapestry of the whole human story. Such a space would be warm, welcoming, challenging, inspiring – and real! It would be grounded in everyday life, yet suffused with the presence of the sacred. Where might there be such a space? Somewhere over the rainbow? Or perhaps on your own doorstep. Sacred Threads is exactly such a space, right in the heart of the city. It is my joy and privilege to have been touched by its life-giving energy, and to invite you to add your own journey’s thread into this sacred weaving.”

Margaret Silf, Author

“Telling the Story Another Way”, Sister Joan Chittister’s compelling and profound program was one path that reflected the spirit of this fine organization. Sacred Threads gathers us to push the edge on the old, inspire the new and connect us as empowered women sharing our visions.”

Maya Balle, MCC, CPCC

“I have seen organizations succeed with minimal board involvement (emotional, financial, operational) because of the investment of those running day-to-day operations. I have seen organizations with concerned, engaged boards without good operations management and those organizations, for all of their good intentions, struggle to get things done. Sacred Threads is fortunate to have both a committed board and hard-working and inspiring management. I was impressed with the board and management two years ago and, as Sacred Threads has grown, I continue to be impressed. The board knows how to ask the right questions and also how to step back and let Rosemary and Marie manage and guide Sacred Threads.

Sacred Threads has a clear mission and a strong identity. To their credit, the board and management actively use those as criteria for decision-making. Non-profits exist to make an impact on society. Gauging, measuring that impact, is a tremendous challenge, especially when your focus is on the spiritual dimension of human lives. Sacred Threads has taken up that challenge and is working to find ways to measure how they impact their clients."

Robert Adams, Consultant

“The work of Sacred Threads – weaving together diverse people, sharing a common quest for wisdom – is both an expression of and vital to the great work of the spirit alive in our time. Ours is an age of axial turning and transformation that requires open hearts and courageous souls.

The women of Sacred Threads have both. It is my privilege to share this work with them.”

Rabbi Rami ShapiroAward winning author, poet and teacher

From The Founders

Sacred Threads provides a unique way of weaving meaning and purpose into the lives of women.  By connecting threads of spirituality with the longings of women’s souls we provide women with new opportunities of connecting with one another…

Sacred Threads in Action

Sacred Threads is located in Boston, MA, offering spiritual companioning, providing opportunities for women to voice their experiences, to imagine possibilities, & to create pathways that connect more deeply with self, others, creation and the Holy. Sacred Threads welcomes people of all or no faith tradition!

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